Scott’s Stories

There are some short stories I’ve written over the years. Click on them and you can either print them out or read them on your computer. They are listed in the order they were written, not necessarily in the order they should be read. I put the length of each story below so you’ll know what you are getting into.

Pedro (3550 words, PG rated)

This is an attempt, sometimes successful, at humor. A romantic encounter is complicated by a man’s dependence on his hemorrhoid pillow.

Meditation (4700 words, R rated)

A man using meditation in his struggle to cope with life’s stress makes a discovery that changes him forever.

Dishes (1469 words, PG rated)

What is the worst than can happen when people disagree over trivial and menial household tasks? Clifford and Camille find out in “Dishes.”

Brother (5478 words, G rated)

A boy learns tolerance in the Bay Area in 1974. This is a story written for children with a fairly adult tone. It should appeal to all ages.

Charity (3030 words, R rated)

Mercia develops a unique sense of philanthropy.

Let me know what you think. Any criticism (or praise) is always appreciated.



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